In today’s society, webcomics and memes are a large portion of the social media posts we see. However, webcomics are a relatively new form of media possessing a great deal of potential for research. As a form whose birth coincides with the widespread adoption of home Internet technology, webcomics, as long running serial media, reflect the rapid shifts and vast changes of digital technology over time. The students of Dr. Misemer’s webcomics and digital culture class have researched and examined selected webcomics over time. Students then developed research concepts such as webcomics building identities that resonate with certain groups of people and building strong communities of people with differences and similarities. Eight collections were created, diving deeply into eight different topics related to webcomics such as guest comics, global reach, and digital affordances. Students can learn more about how authors of webcomics reach their respective communities and gain a deeper respect for these artists. They may also learn about what knowledge webcomics bring to the world and literature. Webcomics to many only serve as a median for humor, however, webcomics can translate all different types of human emotions. In addition, webcomics are also able to be continuous or sporadic. Webcomics could also serve to teach people how to act or cope when presented with certain stigma. From this the student may be encouraged to go on and learn more about webcomics and gain deeper understandings and meanings behind every comic strip.